Milan launch exhibition

Tamart officially launched with a showcase exhibition entitled ‘Tamart: Powered by love’ during Milan Design Week at Design Variations 2024 by Mosca Partners. The display incorporated the new collection alongside an installation of original archival materials.

Powered by love
14–21 April 2024

The exhibition, designed by Amos Goldreich, featured 10 new wooden furniture pieces that reinterpreted his parents’ – Arthur Goldreich and Tamar de Shalit – original designs, expressing the concept of Contemporary Heritage. Additionally, four archival drawers, each displaying their unique drawings and photographs, were positioned at a central junction, creating a focal point within the exhibition space and juxtaposing the new with the old, bringing the legacy to life.
Furthermore, a short film commissioned by Tamart and inspired by archive photographs was showcased. It featured a lone dancer exploring and discovering the Clore Lounge Chair. This chair embodies simplicity and modernist design principles, reflecting Goldreich and de Shalit’s liberal creative approach of the 1960s, freed from the constraints of earlier decades.
This 4th edition of Design Variations 2024 relocated to a previously unseen venue – a former 1950s garage designed by Italian modernist architect Marco Zanuso in the Darsena area of Milan. This new space served as Tamart’s home for a week, alongside other carefully selected design brands. Mosca Partners enlisted Milanese studio Park Associati to design the installation throughout the industrial building using sustainable and recyclable materials. They also commissioned a site-specific mural by artist Nathalie du Pasquier.


Exhibition Dates:

14–21 April


Design Variations 2024 | Mosca Partners,


Viale Gorizia 14,

20144 Milano